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Dr. Vijay Mannari is a distinguished professor of polymers & coatings at Eastern Michigan University since 2002.  He has more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry, innovation, and R&D management, consultancy, training, and academia, within the field of polymeric materials and coatings.  


He teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses in material science & polymer technology, coating formulation, water-borne coatings, UV-cure coatings, and he also mentors graduate research students and Ph.D. candidates. Prof. Mannari has diverse research interests in the broad area of development of sustainable polymeric materials, sol-gel chemistry, advanced polyurethanes, advanced UV-cure coatings and additive manufacturing (3D-printing) materials, and study of structure-property relationship in polymeric coatings. 


Prof. Mannari, a gifted teacher and accomplished researcher, has a number of awards and accomplishments to his credit.  He is active in many professional service activities and is currently serving as the President of Detroit Society for Coatings Technology. More..

  • The book “Understanding Coatings Raw Materials” Co-authored by Dr. Mannari is published.  Click here

  • Award and Accolades for EMU Polymers and Coatings Students. More..

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